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Mattress Maintenance and Care
A new mattress should be put on a firm base, never on a saggy base.
Most manufacturers of spring mattresses suggest that the consumer should regularly rotate and flip the mattress.
Otherwise, they caution the mattress will fail.
Most manufacturers recommend to rotate the mattress (180 degrees, so the head of the bed becomes the foot) every three months and to turn the mattress at least twice a year.
Some manufacturers recommend to alternately turn and flip the mattress once every two weeks for the first three months and then twice per year after that.
The foundation should also be turned every 12 months.
Mattresses should be rotated to reduce wear patterns over time.
Do not wet a mattress.
An impermeable mattress protector can be used to keep it clean.
A vacuum cleaner can be used for regular cleaning.
Use a mattress pad to keep the mattress free from stains. If stained, use mild soap with cold water and rub lightly.
Do not soak a mattress or foundation
If a mattress has handles, they are usually only for positioning it, not carrying it.
A spring mattress should not be folded or bent, as is can be permanently damaged.
Sitting on the same spot of the mattress edge can permanently depress it.
Foam mattresses will deform over-night to the shape of the body.
Once a person gets out of bed, the mattress should regain it’s original shape. This may take a few minutes.
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